When your now ex-wife unfriends you on facebook

Yes I discovered on today my Birthday that my ex-wife unfriended me on Facebook. I was doing something and noticed that next to her name on Facebook it showed the Friend Request button. Which means she had unfriended me.

I confronted her about this it turns out she did this 2 days earlier and she wondered how I worked it out so quickly.

2020-12-10 – Add Friend button shown.
2020-12-10 – Add Friend button shown.

You also need to remember that at the time she did this we still live together in the same house and still working through the process of separation and getting our documents through court.

I’ll be honest, I found this to be a bit shocking when I discovered it. I also feel it was quite petty and childish that she felt the need to do this. Especially over the reasons she stated it was performed. Those details can be shared if someone requests them.