Shiming – The Shimano clone

I’ve had a large number of bicycles in my time and loved tinkering with all of my bicycles over the years.

Noticed someone post a bicycle for sale and soon as I seen this it immediately made my think. Shouldn’t these say Shimano – because that is the brand that we all know and probably the one with the biggest market share for bicycle derailleur components.

My first thought is these must be some clone and/or rip off of Shimano brand. Little bit of research indicates others concluded the same thing.

New chain installed on my Honda Grom

Had ordered a new chain for the Honda Grom many months back and just hadn’t found the time to install it.

Today I finally got it installed. It took a bit of time, but had to be done.

DID 420D Motorcycle Chain – Only cost me $30 AUD

And so I do not remember the chain length (as I took the original chain off and had considered lining them up, but figured out the factory chain was a bit longer due to wear and tear – as they stretch over time). Ended up counting the links against old chain and then counted them on new one before using a chain breaker tool.

I counted 52 of the links as highlighted above in red. The 53rd one is where I broke the chain using the chain breaker tool.