Using ffmpeg via CLI to capture image from QSS301-04L-P4

I noticed that our QSS301-04L-P4 Security NVR has an RTSP service. I thought if it would be easy enough to access the live stream via RTSP and capture an image.

Turns out, it’s not that difficult and can be performed using ffmpeg. Once you have ffmpeg binary available for your platform, execute it like so.

ffmpeg -y -i rtsp://username:password@192.168.nn.nn:554/unicast/c1/s0/live -vframes 1 image-capture.jpg

The above example will capture image from c1 (Channel 1) and s0 (Stream 0 = main high resolution stream).

Commvault 11 – Commserve DR Backup

To use Commcell Console Send Log Files feature to collect/generate a Commserve DR Backup. All you need to do is follow the following simple steps.

Logon to Commcell Console and right click the Commserve client object, select All Tasks and Send Log Files (as shown below).

When the dialog displays, in the Computers tab, tick/select CommServe object (as shown below).

Select Commcell Information tab and tick/select the Commserve Database Option and Get Latest Database(s) Option (as shown below).

In Output tab, select the options appropriate for your environment. (example shown below).If your unsure if you can upload directly via HTTPS, best to unselect this option and save the output to a Local Path, which will be on the Commserve. Which when completed will allow you to collect the file generated and manually upload to Commvault Support Portal (or via FTP).

If you find this information valuable, please provide a comment.