Month: August 2016

Backyard Progress – Update5

And the work on the backyard continues. The trailer is 0.4 Tonne of 20mm river pebbles which I used for the ground covering. This was moved all by me using a wheel barrow. As you can see I still need more, but now we can finish off the brickwork and complete the garden that is behind the wall.

IMG_20160827_img01 IMG_20160827_img02 IMG_20160827_img03 IMG_20160827_img04 IMG_20160827_img05

Has come up rather nice. I also need to shorten the sewer inspection pipe to be ground level.

Lawn got its first mow

Today marked the first day in which we had to mow the lawn in the backyard. It had gotten long enough in many parts so we had to mow it.

My mower and other tools hadn’t been started in over 3 months. So they took a little while to start, but they did in the end.

Backyard Progress – Update4

The work in the backyard still continues. As you can see from the photos below the brickwork being created around this area is nearing completion. Unfortunately to progress it further I had to complete some drainage works. That has now been done to enable us to continue the wall around.

Once the wall is finished the surface area will need to be removed a little around the drainage area to enable us to have enough depth left over to put the final top level dressing on this area. It will be some compacted roadbase and stones (as seen in other areas of the backyard). Will build some steps and that will subsequently complete the area.





Core Drill – Best power tool ever

Had a need to use a Core Drill.

Lucky for me someone offered to loan me one they had, and I was most appreciated by the gesture.

It worked perfectly to perform what was required. I really love this power tool. Best power tool ever if you ask me.

IMG_20160818_090341680 IMG_20160818_090512068 IMG_20160818_090918508