Swim Spa – Delivery

Today was the delivery day for the Swim Spa. Was feeling a bit nervous and you’ll understand why when you see the pictures we took of the process.

Everything didn’t go smoothly unfortunately, however, things did work out fine in the end with the process, so I won’t go into detail as it’s of no value.

I was very impressed with Trent from DPW Plant Hire and would be happy to recommend them to anyone.

Let’s roll the photos…..

IMG_20160704_01-720x405 IMG_20160704_02-720x405 IMG_20160704_03-720x405 IMG_20160704_04-405x720 IMG_20160704_05-720x405 IMG_20160704_06-720x405 IMG_20160704_07-720x405 IMG_20160704_08-720x405 IMG_20160704_09-720x405 IMG_20160704_10-720x405 IMG_20160704_11-720x405 IMG_20160704_12-720x405 IMG_20160704_13-720x405

Now the next step will be completing the installation process and getting water put in. That’s going to be interesting as this unit takes 7,000 litres I believe.

3 thoughts on “Swim Spa – Delivery”

    1. Paul, that truck is amazing. Don’t see many twin steer trucks around. Very impressive. Trent did a great job and is an excellent representation of the company.

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