DVBLogic updates DVBLink TVSource to version 6

My DVBLink TVSource setup has continued to run quite good. I was glad to see that when DVBLogic announced updates to DVBLink TVSource I was excited to see what this included.

It was a bonus to see that I got a free upgrade to the new release since I had purchased the product in the time frame required to qualify.

I jumped all in and upgraded my setup. I was a bit concerned on the process but after a bit of reading and cross checking I went for it.

Essentially the upgrade process is to export a backup of your configuration. Now remove DVBLink TVSource add on, upgrade the license in your license portal. Grab the new version of the product and run the upgrade batch file. Once done install the new DVBLink TVSource and license it. Now import configuration saved earlier.

Seemed to all work without a hitch.

I noticed DVBLink Viewer application, but not sure if that was new to this release. Just hadn’t used it until post upgrade. Can see numerous UI tweaks in the various parts of the product too.

Go read more about it here.

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