New Puppy

We had been planning on getting another dog, however had been waiting for the right time.

This is Coco who is our new puppy and new addition to the family.

Coco - Beagle cross with King Charles Cavalier
Coco – Beagle cross with King Charles Cavalier

I am sure Buddy and Bindi will be looking down happy that we got another dog, however we did wait some time before doing so as we wanted to grieve for them.

Still miss them both. Long RIP Buddy and Bindi.

Productive Long Weekend

This weekend was very productive. I was able to buy material (twice) from Bunnings and started on our retaining wall. Picked up shed on Saturday and was able to start building it today. However I didn’t have time to put all the sides up and bolt it together. As I needed someone else to help me and didn’t have any one around to help.

Got lots more to do, but ran out of time. Will get back to all the work come the next weekend.

Will get a decent photo of the retaining wall I have been building, and update this post.



Do I believe in Karma?

I certainly do believe in karma. I do hope that the person who smashed into my car while it was parked in the car park today gets whats coming to them.

My wife pointed out to me that she noticed my car seemed to have some damage at the rear. Looks like some idiot has ran into the back of my car causing scratch and the fiberglass panel has some crease damage where I believe its compressed from impact and popped back out. However while doing this its not gone back to the correct shape, thus has damage that is still visible. Looks like the panel has some bends in it still when it should be flat.

I am really not impressed, but there was no note and unfortunately the area has no CCTV.

All I can hope for is that the person who did gets some bad karma from it. As they seriously deserve it. Who does that and doesn’t own up. Completely annoyed.

The only saving grace here is that I actually switched car spots with my wife today, so I parked her car where my car was and moved my car towards the far end of the carpark. So technically it could of been her newer car that got hit, if I didn’t do that.

I pointed out to my wife that today I nearly got wiped out in the carpark by a young P plate driver who failed to slow down and/or give way.

Seriously not my day today…

Shed is on its way

The shed I ordered last month is presently on its way.

Got SMS and email notification today that it is in transit. So I expect to get a phone call from transport depot when it arrives in Prestons, NSW. Will arrange to go collect.

Guess I should be able to get it put together the first available weekend I have (after picking it up).