FTTP service performance

The FTTP service performance is not hitting the mark. I signed up for a 100/40 service via RSP iinet.

However since having it activated via Opticomm and RSP iinet the service hasn’t returned speedtests that match this.

I would expect to see speedtest results close to 100/40.. i.e. I believe 99/39 is typically possibly based on the fact I have seen another resident in this area sometime ago post his results matching this.

I was seeing about 74/39, however the last 24 or more hours I am lucky to exceed 70 in downstream tests.

RSP iinet now wants me to run through a series of tests as outlined on the page here. Those tests are 4 items that much be completed 3 times a day on 3 consecutive days (on 2 different computers). Oh my, this is a going to major pain. Meanwhile it wouldn’t surprise me that RSP doesn’t purchase enough capacity from Opticomm.

Guess I will get to the tests soon as I have my home office finally setup. Still need to get all my computers working.

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