FTTP service performance – Update1

I was able to determine that the FTTP service performance speedtest results came down to some router settings. It appears some over aggressive QoS rules seemed to contribute to the bad results.

Meanwhile, while I can now get a really good speedtest result to Tesltra Sydney (99/39 typically), the results when using Yes Optus Sydney is terrible (7/39 just now).

I just did an ftp transfer test from ftp.iinet.net and it’s very crap, as you can see below.



Last items moved – Move completed

Today marked the last items moved between houses. I lost count how much trailer loads of items I moved since the 20th May. I think I would estimate it to be 9 trailer loads in addition to the items that the removal guys moved on Friday afternoon when we started.

We’ve been unpacking items as we go the last few days, but still a large number of items still to be unpacked.

FTTP service performance

The FTTP service performance is not hitting the mark. I signed up for a 100/40 service via RSP iinet.

However since having it activated via Opticomm and RSP iinet the service hasn’t returned speedtests that match this.

I would expect to see speedtest results close to 100/40.. i.e. I believe 99/39 is typically possibly based on the fact I have seen another resident in this area sometime ago post his results matching this.

I was seeing about 74/39, however the last 24 or more hours I am lucky to exceed 70 in downstream tests.

RSP iinet now wants me to run through a series of tests as outlined on the page here. Those tests are 4 items that much be completed 3 times a day on 3 consecutive days (on 2 different computers). Oh my, this is a going to major pain. Meanwhile it wouldn’t surprise me that RSP doesn’t purchase enough capacity from Opticomm.

Guess I will get to the tests soon as I have my home office finally setup. Still need to get all my computers working.

Just 1 day left

We now only have 1 day left before…

  • We finally move house.
  • Get Opticomm FTTP connection installed.

I’ve been ready to move for days. Have been just itching to get things under way, as we have so much to do.

I’ll be posting some photos on our landscaping progress and work as it happens. Got lots to do in that regard.

iiNet Internet services scheduled for move

Finally called iiNet and went through what was required to move my internet services to the new house. All required items done, now I hope this goes smoothly.

Will have a period of no internet connectivity unfortunately. However my neighbour, who lives behind me has allowed me to use his wireless so I can get internet access out via his connection until my service is activated. I was very humbled when they offered this. We have such great neighbors again (as we have had great neighbors where I have been living).

Our ADSL2+ is currently an offnet service with iiNet. So we’ve had to have a phone service and phone rental costs for something we don’t really use. As per my previous post here. We will be moving to an FTTP/FTTH service with iiNet as provided by Opticomm.

Temporary Letterbox Installed

Went out to the house to install a temporary letterbox, as we are expecting some mail to start arriving. Will be sure to check it every few days between now and move in time.



This will do until we sort out our permanent design we want to install. Still considering options available to us. I have an idea for something, and will probably install that once all the other work is done on the house. So much landscaping to be performed. Also need to move those bricks to the yard for any future project usage.