Carnival Spirit – Internet Access Prices

I noticed while on Carnival Spirit for an 8 Day cruise that the internet services and cost structure has completely changed.

Below is a screen grab of the services you can purchase during your trip.


I must admit I really dislike the fact that I cannot purchase a couple of hours in a block and use them sparingly over the trip. As typically I go with out any internet access for the entire cruise and only purchase a couple of hours so that I can pay any bills while away (when absolutely required). However the costs above are so expensive I can’t understand why anyone would pay to use it for the entire cruise.

Will be providing feedback to Carnival Australia that they should work with provider who set this new infrastructure up to allow the purchase of hourly blocks which can be used any time in the cruise, not expired all at once from the 24 hours in which it was purchased.

Below is a speedtest result accessing a Sydney location from the middle of the South Pacific. Purely done for giggles if anything else.



Service while having a massive ping, was more than enough for web browsing and using email.

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