Carnival Spirit – Cruise S614 – Sea Day 1

The show tonight was 80s Pop To The Max from Playlist Productions. The show was very good. Would have to be one of the best shows I have seen on a cruise in a while.

Meanwhile, it’s surprising how much we see people using the internet for facebook and what not. Had 2 people at dinner tonight using social media from phones. Crazy. Why come on a cruise only to remain connected to that sort of stuff, not to mention the price of doing so is expensive in my opinion.

The seas are still rough now 24 hours later. It was so bad today that any open decks got closed off and you couldn’t use them. Also heard lots of conversations of people being very sea sick. You know it’s bad when they put out all the sea sick bags in the various lobbies.

Today is a sea day, and tomorrow is another sea day. We won’t reach Isle of Pines until the 28th of April.

Clocks are going forward an hour tonight.

I had another burger from Guy’s Burger and loved it. Very tasty.

Guys Burger – Carnival Spirit
Cheese Pizza
Jimmy’s C-Side BBQ – Pulled Pork Roll



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