DVBLink from DVBLogic Trial over

I’ve been running DVBLink from DVBLogic in Trial/Demo mode for the last 19 days.

My trial concluded today, as it has expired.

I think the product could certainly use some improvement and I will be pursuing to push a few points on how I think that can be done. Perhaps my ideas have already been suggested by other users in the community.

Generally I would have to say the product works really well, and I didn’t have much issues with what it does best, which records DVB streams.

The license costs when converted to AUD are quite expensive, which works out to be $73 AUD dollars. However, I do think I will be purchasing a license as it works very well under Windows 10, which I have used for part of the trial period, while I was also running it on Windows 8.1 as well too.

Well worth checking out if you have some compatible hardware, and would like to record DVB streams.

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