New Hardware – DNTV Dual Hybrid 7164 PCIe DVB-T Card

Recently been having some problems with one of two TiVo’s that we own. Looks like its probably terminal, as such need to come up with a solution for FTA recordings my wife does.

After discovering DVBLink from DVBLogic I thought it might be a good idea to get a good internal Dual Tuner for my recently rebuilt desktop computer.

Anyways decided to bite the bullet and ordered a DNTV Dual Hybrid (7164) PCIe DVB-T Card from DigitalNow.

Will be posting back how this ends up working with the DVBLogic software. The software looks very good, and if it lives up to this during demo period. I will be the first to lay down money for a license to use it on Windows.



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    […] First thing I worked out is that generic USB tuners won’t work with it. You know the cheap ebay Realtek clone ones (read more about that here). So I thought perhaps I will invest in a nice dual tuner PCIe version, as the computer I planned to use it on that available slots (came to the conclusion that a safe purchase would be DNTV Dual Hybrid 7164 PCIe DVB-T Card. […]

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