Shower in ensuite

We have finally decided on what to have. Can’t say I am thrilled about the cost but I am hoping it will be worth it.

We have gone with a double one of this:


That means all variations now done. Only thing financial left to finalise is to see what acoustics and piering will cost and we wont know that until council review the plans.

Tile Appointment

Today we had our tile appointment. 1.5 hours and we where done.

We have gone with the same wall/floor tiles in the laundry, main bathroom and en-suite to the 5th Bedroom.



Our en-suite we have gone all charcoal and I love it. We also have the feature tiles that will run the middle of the niche. Michael wasn’t too sure at first but he says he likes it now. They look like those below;



In the kitchen we will only have a tiny splash back and it looks like this.



Porch tile looks like that below;



Our drains for the wet areas is like below;



All up the variations cost $600 so pretty happy with that.

Electrical Appointment

Electrical Appointment is now done. Only took 1.5 hours but I guess that is because we knew what we wanted. A LOT more expensive than we thought and we will prob cut a couple of things but we cant do much about the rest – it is what it is.

Light wise we are getting Rawson to install pendants over the dining table and island bench, stair lights, entry lights and downlights. We will do the rest after hand over.

Pendant over the dining table will look like this....
Pendant over the dining table will look like this….
Pendants for the island bench in Kitchen look like this...
Pendants for the island bench in Kitchen look like this…

Mikrotik RouterBoard Hairpin NAT

I thought I should do a quick post about Mikrotik RouterBoard Hairpin NAT and Port Forwarding. The post in which I used to set this up on my router is found here.

The best explanation for this, would be that if you want to have say http from the public interface forwarded to an internal host, while not impacting LAN access to the RouterBoard’s http port. The forum post linked is how to best handle this situation.

It also allows your internal LAN clients to access your public IP and forward to the appropriate host/service internally too.

Internal Colours

Internal colours are now locked in.

Kitchen colours where the hardest – we have gone with two kitchen cupboard colours. Looking forward to seeing the 3D image in a few weeks to see how it looks.

img_3180 img_3181 img_3182

The top pic is the kitchen – grey ceaserstone, grey top cupboards and white lower cupboards.

The middle pic is the laundry. Grey top (laminate) and same white cupboards as kitchen.

The bottom pic is the bathrooms. Same stone as kitchen and a grey grainy cupboard.

Shower in all except en-suite.
Our Bath
Our Bath
Handles on all the vanities.
Handles on all the vanities.
Our upgraded Sink.
Our upgraded Sink.
Kitchen Sink Mixer
Kitchen Sink Mixer
Our Carpet
Our Carpet
Our Oven
Our Oven
All the colours together.
All the colours together.
Our Rangehood.
Our Rangehood.
Kitchen and Laundry handles.
Kitchen and Laundry handles.

Flooring for all areas downstairs except theater, study and bedrooms.


Internal paint colour wise we have settled on;

  • Taubmans Dapple Grey for main walls.
  • Magical moonlight for doors and skirts.
  • Taubmans scripted for feature wall in the theater room and our main bedroom.

Have a 2-3 week wait to see what the variations will cost and sign off on the ones that make the final list.

Tivo Series 3 Backup

I was surprised to find out in the last few days that you can backup your TiVo internal hard drive and subsequently also upgrade/replace it.

We have two TiVo’s and unfortunately the WD DVR expansion units we had on both have long since died unfortunately, and now I know we can upgrade the internal drive. I pulled one of our units apart and hooked up the drive to a Windows XP machine and created a truncated backup. Just incase, below is a screen grab from the Windows application I used.


After you select the drive, you can run a backup of the drive. Which I did quite promptly.


New Game Purchases

Just happened to look at EBGames website and noticed they had a sale running yesterday. Don’t even know why I looked, guess it was meant to be.

I looked up some games and turns out 2 games I wanted to buy are book on heavy discount for new copies, so I thought why not. One game is for me, the other game is for my kids.

Below is what I purchased;


(PS3) – Battlefield 4 – Yes, not really something I would play on a Console, but for $19 I thought it would be good to have a play of this older title now.


(Wii U) – Lego Marvel Super Heroes – My kids have got into the characters recently, so I thought this would be a good purchase for them to play on the Wii U. Looks like a pretty good game to me too. This title only cost $23 for a new copy. So again great price.