External Colours

I am pleased to say we have FINALLY put the external colours to bed – our selections are in!!!

Bricks have been a VERY painful process. We took ages to agree on a brick and when we submitted them 5 days before our appointment we where told it was a slurry brick. When discussing the brick with the brick company they said it is pretty much fine Rawson wave all responsibility if anything does happen and Michael really didn’t want to do it and I didn’t want to hear I told you so- so it was back to the drawing board. Out to the brick yards we went on Sunday and Michael stumbled across a brick that we hadnt considered before and thats the brick we have ended up going with!

So the brick is Boral Horizon in Emerald;


Our brick choice was even more limited as we needed an EXP brick due to the soil at Gregory Hills. The above mentioned brick is an upgrade of $999 but whatever – a decision has been made.

Also after much discussion we have gone with a colourbond roof in woodland grey. This colour will also be the gutter, down pipes, meter box, water tank and some cladding.


The fascia will be dune along with the laundry door, pergola at front, cladding and a couple of other things.

APO Grey – Windows colour.

Driveway is platinum.

Front door and Garage door will be wood colour – stained Merabu (Shown here)

Front style is this one with the horizontal glass.external_pivot_lumina_lum5s_ins

Now we just need to decide on where we are going to put the two niches we get and work out what fridge space we get and then we have 4-6 week weeks till we have to go in and do our internal colours/electrical and go and pick tiles.

The builder is costing the additions we have asked for as well as making alterations to windows/driveway/location of tank and then doing final plans for us to sign to be submitted to council.

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