File Transporter – Cool bit of technology

I was introduced to a device called File Transporter by a twitter user I follow. I’ll admit I had never heard of it, and I don’t know why, cause the concept is certainly pretty cool.

I had a few questions about the device, and was considering the purchase just so I could explore it further. I noticed they had a contact form, so I requested a live demo. If I am able to get a unit I will be posting a review over at Appletalk, however it will also be available here too.

Tonight I’ve spent a bit of time looking at other reviews by people on Youtube, as I still had some questions that I was trying to determine, as I was interested in how it was managed, and post installation what sort of control you had on the sync of data between the Computers and unit etc.

I’ve been able to answer a number of my own questions by reading the support articles below;

In addition to this I also signed up for an account so I could see the portal used to manage it, and I must admit even without a unit so far, I am somewhat still impressed.

I can see the value that could be obtained by having more than a single unit. Since this means the units will sync data between themselves.

I hope third party applications on IOS and Andriod get support for accessing the units, as this would be a big deal in my opinion, who knows, might even be already done. Will certainly explore this for myself hopefully soon.

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