Interior selection and beyond

We have now started looking at interiors. Below is a snap shot of some of the bathroom vanities/sinks we have been looking at.

I also have started a scrapbook and it contains some sample paint colours (Michael would like a grey theme this time) as well as some pictures of other peoples kitchens that I like.

I have found the forum below a great source to get ideas from and the people friendly – definitely worth signing up to if you are thinking about/in the process of building.

Home One

Once I get some decent paint sample I will post them as well.

At the moment I am trying to decide on the kitchen layout – glass or window splash back? How many pot draws? Bench in the pantry or just make an extra wide shelf and have a powerpoint for appliances? Second oven and where? Well I definitely want a second oven – thats more the where.

Next step is meet the builder on Monday and go through our current modifications (yes there are a few and growing) for her to send to head office and the surveying will hopefully happen next week if Gregory Hills aren’t pedantic.

From there its 3 or so weeks to get a tender which will give us a fairly good idea of price.

img_1310_20150221_01 img_1312_20150221_02 img_1313_20150221_03 img_1316_20150221_04 img_1317_20150221_05 img_1318_20150221_06

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