I am really liking the idea of having a wet room in our main bathroom. I think Michael is coming around to the idea. Our bathroom is 3m x 3m so we certainly have room to make something work.

We will see what happens when we talk to the builders and what can be achieved.

Interior selection and beyond

We have now started looking at interiors. Below is a snap shot of some of the bathroom vanities/sinks we have been looking at.

I also have started a scrapbook and it contains some sample paint colours (Michael would like a grey theme this time) as well as some pictures of other peoples kitchens that I like.

I have found the forum below a great source to get ideas from and the people friendly – definitely worth signing up to if you are thinking about/in the process of building.

Home One

Once I get some decent paint sample I will post them as well.

At the moment I am trying to decide on the kitchen layout – glass or window splash back? How many pot draws? Bench in the pantry or just make an extra wide shelf and have a powerpoint for appliances? Second oven and where? Well I definitely want a second oven – thats more the where.

Next step is meet the builder on Monday and go through our current modifications (yes there are a few and growing) for her to send to head office and the surveying will hopefully happen next week if Gregory Hills aren’t pedantic.

From there its 3 or so weeks to get a tender which will give us a fairly good idea of price.

img_1310_20150221_01 img_1312_20150221_02 img_1313_20150221_03 img_1316_20150221_04 img_1317_20150221_05 img_1318_20150221_06

The land release and block progressing nicely

Went for a drive out to the land and was able to get some access quickly to take a few photos.

In recent weeks they have closed off the other streets around us, so the only access to our section is via the main road which was extended. This access will be temporary until the the second stage of this land release is done, and that temporary access will be closed.


Simpana 10 – MySQL on Windows Server 2008 R2 – Video example

Just a quick demo of installing MySQL on Windows Server 2008 R2, followed by the installation of Simpana 10 MySQL iDA.

We also enable Binary Logging on MySQL so we can perform Log backups, configure the MySQL instance in Simpana and run some backup tests.

You can watch the following video for the demo/example.

If you find this video of benefit, please leave feedback. Thanks.

Simpana 10 – PostgreSQL on Windows Server 2008 R2 – Video example

I know it’s been a little while since I did one of these, but I suddenly found myself in a position where I could do one so I quickly put this together.

Unfortunately its in 3 parts, so if you watch the 3 clips below end to end it will make sense.

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

You’ll notice I even made some mistakes in part 3, but I worked with it and used it to demonstrate how you can troubleshoot this type of issue.

If you find this valuable and/or have any questions, just drop me a comment. Always love to hear feedback.

Raspberry Pi 2 announced

I didn’t even expect this, was very surprised to see that a Raspberry Pi 2 has been announced. You can read more from the blog at Raspberry Pi as found here.

I currently have a Model B+, but I will also probably buy one of the new Raspberry Pi 2 units, as I wouldn’t mind seeing how fast it is compared to the previous model and also trying Windows 10 on it too.