Noontec N5 Gigalink a year later

It’s just over a year since I got my first Noontec N5 Gigalink, as per the post talking about it previously here.

I did upgrade the firmware, but things from that point for me didn’t go well. As the new firmware changed the UI in some major way, for the better I would think, however the stability of the device for me was terrible. It didn’t work as well as the existing factory firmware, and I couldn’t find any copy of the old firmware to even put back on.

The unit has pretty much sat in cupboard the last 7 odd months and not been used since.

In my honest opinion, I think the unit is pretty crap post firmware upgrade. Maybe I expect to much from it. Either way, I don’t use it any more.

If anyone can tell me where/how to get the original firmware, as noted below, I’d love to put it back on it.

It shipped with firmware;

J1.02K3_L1.04T Ver: 1.1.8_USB2.0_(CN36)


  • gizmomelb January 10, 2015 Reply


    did you upgrade to the NAS_J1.04D_Ver2.1.7_USB2.0.bin firmware, or the much later NAS-1Bay_J1.05E_Ver2.36_USB2.0 firmware for the TerraMaster U1 (same device, different branding)?

    I’m interested as I have an N5 and was considering upgrading it.


    • gizmomelb January 10, 2015 Reply

      oh.. I just found this youtube video which has the newer firmware – so you can check it out before installing it.

      what stability issues did you have please? storage? torrents? usenet? accessability from windows / *nux / media players?

      thank you.

      • michaelf January 10, 2015 Reply Author

        I wouldn’t install it. Wish I kept the factory firmware on. It was basic and cifs sharing worked very well. Didn’t like the newer firmwares much at all.

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