A week later and someone nearly runs me off road again?

I was out driving again down the South Coast, this is the 2nd weekend in a row I had to go south, and I had the Dash Camera rolling again.

Of course, you can imagine my surprise when the following happened below; (be sure to watch on youtube at 1080P).

I cannot believe that it happened again. Drivers don’t seem to check blind spots and these actions are going to cause accidents and possibly death/injury to someone under the right conditions/situation.

Yes I was pretty annoyed to have this occur to me again only a week later from the last time it happened.

In addition, I also captured the following clip below of a car who ran a Red Light and nearly caused an accident. It’s fortunate that the cars in front of me were not hit by this encounter.

Might need to start reporting these to the local police station and filling out any required paperwork. Today’s near miss could be tomorrow’s major accident for some of these people.

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