Our Land – Nov 2014 Update

Below is a photo our block of land after being able to access it for the first time since purchase.

Our Land – Nov 2014

This area had been completely off limits due to construction equipment movements and progress. This is the first time we have been able to go stand where our actual land and house will be.

The plan will be to continue to narrow down the houses/builders we like so that we can be in a good position to start the next phases of the process along once land registers in March 2015.

Another Intel DN2820FYKH NUC

Yesterday I received another Intel DN2820FYKH NUC computer.

I had ordered another one with the intent of running a Mythtv Backend and Frontend using a Realtek USB tuner.

I’ve installed Mythbuntu and got everything working, however I really like using Debian itself, and will look at doing a more custom install with Debian. So the plan is work on a Debian 7.7.0 x64 install.

I’ve configured this new Intel NUC with the usual 8GB ram (max it can take) and Dual Band 802.11ac wireless (as it’s only a $24 upgrade to buy the card), and I had a spare 500GB laptop drive, which I installed too.

Will be sure to post more about my progress regarding the Debian installation and tweaking it all.