Linux installation on SSD

I am going to be installing a Linux desktop onto an SSD drive soon, and I have started to research. If you have done this already and found something you needed to do that was not documented, please drop me a line.

My aim is to setup my Intel i3 Mini-ITX system with a Linux Desktop install (Ubuntu probably) and eventually drop in some more storage, since the case and motherboard could handle 4 more SATA devices, not including the optical and SSD boot drive.

Figured I could end up running for additional storage, services and desktop environment for doing other tasks like maybe get VMware Workstation going so I can run my existing virtual machines.

The current duties it does that requires Windows will move onto a laptop I will purchase at the end of this month, or early next month.


  • Jeremy March 13, 2014 Reply

    Just add ‘discard’ to your mount options for any filesystems located on the SSD, which enables TRIM support.

    Other than that, it’s no different to installing on a hard drive.

  • michaelf March 13, 2014 Reply Author

    Thanks for the post Jeremy. Hope to give it a spin in the near future. Still deciding on distro. I think it might end up being Ubuntu, as much as I do dislike it at times.

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