Noontec N5 Gigalink Firmware info

As discussed in one of my previous posts here. I own a Noontec N5 Gigalink single drive NAS. It’s not the greatest thing around, but for what it does do well (basic file sharing) it does the job. I don’t use any other features of the unit, just simply the file sharing side of it.

I wish I never upgraded the firmware, as the one that it shipped with had a much more basic UI for administration, however the newer firmwares you find may be TerraMaster branded, which I honestly don’t like. Although TerraMaster make a unit based off the N5, I just like it to remain Noontec branding.

I found that the firmware available at the page here, is a recent Noontec branded one. So I have installed it and will be using it for now. It is version as per below;


NOTE: The direct link above to Noontec site may disappear over time. Should it do so, I have zipped up a copy and made it available from my site below; (From:

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