Cache Database is failing at client side

Recently came across the following failure condition against a Unix client during backups via Commvault Simpana. Not something I have seen recently however, as you will see from below, the reason for this is quite simple once you understand why.

Exact error reported in Simpana Console for the job;

Error Code: [10:15]
Description: [Cache Database is failing at client side.]

Picture below shows the error too;


Check the client’s properties and confirm if it has the following options enabled. Per the screen capture below, we want to confirm under the Client Side Deduplication tab if the “Enable Client Side Disk Cache” tick box is ticked.


If this option is ticked, as shown above, it will use a max cache-database size of 4096MB (4 Gigabytes), which is created in the same location as the client jobResults folder.

Guess what happens if your client doesn’t have enough disk space for this cache-database? If your guessing the error we got during this backup attempt? You’d be absolutely correct.

This client in question only had about 2G of diskspace available per the output below;

hostname:/opt/simpana/Log_Files]bdf /opt
Filesystem          kbytes    used   avail %used Mounted on
/dev/vg00/lvol3    20971520 18749152 2205632   89% /

Which meant backup attempts against this client when this option is enabled and set to 4096MB max cache-database size caused the error per the start of the post.

Solution here, increase space on the volume where jobResults is hosted, turn off Client Side Disk Cache, reduce Client Side Disk Cache, or move jobResults to a volume with more space. You just need to pick the option that suits you.

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