Site modifications and updates

I’ve attempted to have blog references to my site on Planet Linux Australia’s feed updated, but these haven’t been done in some time, so rather than leave the feed linking to a broken/deconfigured site, I have created the subdomain again and forwarded it’s requests to my blog that run’s on the TLD for these days.

Hello to those on Planet Linux Australia who will now once again see my posts.

Haven’t done much Linux hacking since I got rid of the Raspberry Pi’s I was using to play around with various things. I still want to learn to code in Objective C and Python more, so will start to tackle those soon. Thanks to a post from Craige McWhirter, I think I have found a new Python book I should buy.

Learning Python from O’Reilly, will be next book on my purchase list. However my Obective C one is still sitting on my desk and I haven’t actually started it as yet.

In addition, I have imported content from another domain I owned, which I am not going to renew. It’s content has been merged into the main site here, and I will continue to post that type of content here as needed. For reference domain is/was “

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