Hackpad – a site to watch

I remember seeing someone on twitter mention Hackpad and I meant to sign up and look at it further. Got side tracked, never happened.

Saw it mentioned again today and signed up. So glad I did, as I was in the middle of researching for setting up a private wiki for a lot of stuff I like to keep track off. Some of the content will merge into other sources as it gets to a point where it can be shared to wider audiences. I’ve used these wiki’s below in the past;

  • MediaWiki
  • Confluence
  • Dokuwiki

However, each has its pros and cons. I won’t go into detail on pros and cons for each, as they might be different to different people.

So glad I checked out Hackpad, as it suits what I need perfectly, and I can see you can do exports into html, markdown and plaintext. See the graphic below to see what I mean. When you select html, it sends you an email with the download link.



Unfortunately my content cannot be seen by the public, as it’s a private site. I recommend if your interested in playing around with Hackpad. You should go sign up.

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