Microsoft Surface RT

I ended up buying a Microsoft Surface RT tablet, as they dropped in price quite a lot. I ended up getting one for $223 AUD locally from JB Hi Fi.

I know this model has been replaced by Microsoft Surface 2, but for the price I paid it was a good pickup.

The thing that attracted me to the units is how smooth they are to use. Being able to split the screen and show 2 applications at the same time was something I really liked. In addition, the micro SD card slot and USB port was something feature wise I could appreciate.

So far I am really happy with the unit and continue to appreciate the hardware and software. If I had a complaint it would be that I cannot find an Password Safe application in the Windows App Store that can read/write psafe3 files. If I find one I will post back.

Surprised no one has compiled and posted a Putty arm based build, as that too would be nice to have available.

All in all still very impressed.


  • Raj December 30, 2013 Reply

    A good one in its price range being run-out and boy that was a steal.

  • michaelf December 30, 2013 Reply Author

    It’s not bad.

  • Daniel January 4, 2014 Reply

    Both Putty and Keepass Portable work if you jailbreak it. See and

    I originally upgraded mine to Windows 8.1 but then downgraded (search for the Windows 8.0 recovery image) so I could jailbreak. The metro ssh clients in my opinion sucked.

    • michaelf January 4, 2014 Reply Author

      Interesting post. Thanks for sharing, I will be checking those links out. Shame we don’t have these key apps available on the store. Surely its not hard to get stuff approved. If only I know how, I reckon some of these apps would be so handy.

      I don’t use Keepass format for my password safes. I use psafe3 format, which I found had decent apps on the platforms I use. PwSafe is my fav psafe3 capable app on Mac and iOS devices. The Windows app Password Safe works fine for my Windows usage. Couldn’t find one for Surface RT (arm based) platform so far.

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