Buffalo LinkStation Pro Duo

I was looking for a Dual Bay NAS and during my research I came across a Buffalo LinkStation Duo, and as I researched more I found that the Buffalo LinkStation Pro Duo was the model above.

Late one night I came across a link that took me to Harris Technology website, who were selling the Buffalo LinkStation Pro Duo version for under $100 Australian Dollars, which I thought was a good price. Considering I saw on ebay that the Duo was a lot more.

I ended up ordering 2, as I already have 3 x 2Tb Seagate drives and I figure if I buy another drive I could populate both LinkStation Pro Duo units with 2Tb drives in a RAID1 configuration.

My initial impression is these NAS devices are not bad. Sure it’s not going to be absolutely lighting speed, but it offers the right amount of features and performance to be of real value at the price point of $98 for a diskless unit.

Well worth a look if your in the need for a network based RAID1/RAID0 NAS unit.

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