Buffalo LinkStation Pro Duo

I was looking for a Dual Bay NAS and during my research I came across a Buffalo LinkStation Duo, and as I researched more I found that the Buffalo LinkStation Pro Duo was the model above.

Late one night I came across a link that took me to Harris Technology website, who were selling the Buffalo LinkStation Pro Duo version for under $100 Australian Dollars, which I thought was a good price. Considering I saw on ebay that the Duo was a lot more.

I ended up ordering 2, as I already have 3 x 2Tb Seagate drives and I figure if I buy another drive I could populate both LinkStation Pro Duo units with 2Tb drives in a RAID1 configuration.

My initial impression is these NAS devices are not bad. Sure it’s not going to be absolutely lighting speed, but it offers the right amount of features and performance to be of real value at the price point of $98 for a diskless unit.

Well worth a look if your in the need for a network based RAID1/RAID0 NAS unit.

How to turn off Windows 7 sharing wizard

I know Microsoft tried to make Windows 7 and other OS versions easier with each release, however by implementing wizards to guide a user can sometimes be a little annoying, as it hides the good options you’d sometimes want to use. Not to mention make the steps to do something longer.

If you find yourself needing to turn off the Windows 7 Sharing Wizard, you can do it via the process below. Watch the video to see this process played out.

Simpana 10 – Clearing simpana lock file on Unix clients

Just wanted to put together a clip that covers this condition which can be seen on Unix clients for Simpana 9 and Simpana 10. The steps to resolve it on both versions are exactly the same.

This condition is typically seen when Simpana services do not get shutdown cleanly. Maybe the system never ran all the init scripts during shutdown including ours, or the system wasn’t shutdown cleanly.

What will happen in that condition is that on the next simpana services start you will get an error as shown below;

**** There is already another simpana running.

However if you run a “simpana list” you’ll notice that no simpana services are running despite the failure to start up and the error indicating simpana is already running.

Our software during start up will create a lock file, which is referenced and checked at start up. If it exists you will get the message. During shutdown its removed.

Best way to find out the name of the lock file is to take part of the error message and grep for it in the simpana script. Make sure your in the correct path when you grep for it. i.e. default install location is /opt/simpana/Base

cat simpana | grep "There is already another simpana running"

From the output shown you will see the full path to the file and the filename we test exists. Please watch the video clip below for a complete walk through.

Voyager of the seas – Sydney 2 night sampler cruise

My wife surprised me with a 2 night sampler cruise on Royal Caribbean Voyager of the seas.

We had a wonderful time without the kids, and my mother took the kids while we were gone, so that was good too.

Below is some pictures from the trip;

In addition, if you’d like to see some of the daily planners from the trip you can access them from below, as I brought them home and scanned them so others could see.

Daily Planner – 07 Nov 2013

Daily Planner – 08 Nov 2013

Along with some other documents we got on board.

Voyager of the seas – The officers and staff onboard (Nov 2013)

Portofino Menu (07 Nov 2013) – Specialty Restaurant onboard

Voyager of the seas – As you arrive (07 Nov 2013) – Map

The ship is to have a refit on its way back to the US for next season, so when it comes back to Australia next year it will have only had one season in the US post the refit. I’d hope they put some Australian power points, as from the pictures you will see that our room had 2 x US based ones, which is not a big deal, just take a converter and ensure you only use power bricks that do dual voltage (most modern stuff does). If you forgot, you can loan one from room stewards as request, although don’t forget to return it as it will incur a charge.