Internet security and passwords

Everyone who uses the internet should consider the use of passwords and how they are used on the internet.

You should be using a different password for different sites and also using the longest and most cryptic password possible.

Of course doing either of these 2 things is going to make it really difficult to remember them, but that’s the whole point, you shouldn’t be able to remember them. As this will lead to having passwords that would be easy to remember and/or exploit by others.

You’ll find plenty of good applications available that can do password management, however below is the programs I use on a daily basis, as the format is one that allows me to use them across multiple programs and platforms. i.e. Windows, Macintosh, iOS devices and even Android devices.

On my Macintosh and iOS devices I use a program called “PwSafe” which is a excellent program and well worth the purchase price. It allows you to sync your password file on Dropbox, which I recommend, as that means no need to copy the file to a location that all devices can see when changes are made.

On Windows computer, I recommend using the program called “Password Safe” which is completely free, and this will enable you to use your password file on a Windows computer.


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