XPEnology DSM 4.2 on HP N40L Microserver

I’d previously heard about Synology NAS software being recompiled to work on other native x86 platforms. I also heard you could put it on the HP N40L Microserver.

So I thought it might be worth looking at, as I really do like Synology NAS gear and the software that runs them. In fact have owned two Synology devices in the past, and will certainly be buying some multi bay units in the future.

I really just want my Microserver to do basic raid file sharing via cifs and nfs. I also don’t want to have to configure it via cli, as I just want to click a few things and get it working.

Long story short, I downloaded the XPEnology DS3612x DSM 4.2 build 3211++ (repack v1.2) and sure enough it works great. You can download it from the forum post here.

If you don’t know how to install it, do a bit of a google and you should find a few pages that will walk you through it, be sure to have drives in the Microserver ready to be formatted, as the installation will do that soon as you upload the pat file via Synology Assistant.

Will post back further thoughts once I reinstall it after I have copied off my data from my existing 3 x 2Tb raid5 array.


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