Upgrades and installations

These days I run a HP Microserver N40L with 3 x 2TB drives in a software raid5 on Debian linux. This machine has been performing a number of tasks, I did upgrade it to Debian 7.1, however wanted to really rebuild it.

I’ve been wanting to implement lxc, however I got it working on a virtual machine with some hacking around with a Debian host, however when i went to redo it couldn’t get it to work. Despite the research I did.

Looks like Ubuntu 12.04.x LTS has a good out of box setup for lxc, and based on that fact I think the first time in a long while I am going to change the machine from Debian to Ubuntu purely to make use of lxc which seems to work out of box without much fuss.

I attempted to do the install lastnight and as part of that install I changed my boot drive from a 500Gb to a 250Gb drive. Post install all I got during grub boot was GRUB displayed in top left corner. I tried all sorts of things to resolve it. Wasted a bit of time doing so. In the end I went hang on I changed the drive, is it possible the drive boot order got screwed up. Sure enough it had, and once I set the order correctly we could now boot. Looks like when the system tried to boot one of the other drives which had no grub files (basically nothing for stage 2 etc).

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