Raspberry Pi – Model B – 512Mb

I purchased a Raspberry Pi – Model B – 512Mb[1] version to have a tinker with. As I noticed this model came out at some point.

I previously had some 256mb models and they ran pretty well however had a few limitations with them which affected what I needed to use them for. It appears so far the newer 512Mb model hasn’t had those issues so far. The problem I had was during reboot from command line the unit would hang during post and/or hang randomly.

I am going to check out OpenELEC again and see how much it has improved, in addition I have ordered a DVB usb tuner [2] that is being used for SDR. As I want to run some of that off the Raspberry Pi (RPi) to see how well it performs. Will post more about this soon, once all my hardware arrives.

[1] – Element 14 – Raspberry Pi – Model B – 512Mb cased.
[2] – Ebay –┬áRTL2832U & R820T DVB-T RTL-SDR+DAB+FM USB Digital TV Tuner Receiver.

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