Month: May 2013

Simpana 10 – 1-Touch Linux recovery demo

In this demo I show a recovery of a Linux client using Simpana 10 – 1-Touch for Linux. Backup of this client with 1-Touch enabled was performed prior and my restore is to the same machine, except the original hard disk (in my case virtual disk (vmdk) has been assigned to it blank).

Also note my environment (lab) is completely all virtual thus not a good indicator for performance. So please keep this in mind as you watch any or all of my screen captures.

Simpana 10 – Oracle iDA – Backup current controlfile via RMAN command line

Quick demo on how you can backup from command line using RMAN and still have this backup go via Simpana 10 and the Oracle iDA. This backup is a control file only backup, follow on from the GUI based example in my last post.

Simpana 10 documentation link covering this can be found here.

Contents of my backup.txt from screen cast on this post.

run {
allocate channel ch1 type 'sbt_tape'
backup current controlfile;
release channel ch1;


Simpana 10 Oracle iDA installation onto Linux client

Demo deployment of Simpana 10 Oracle iDA installation onto Linux client.

You’ll note I first check to see which user is running the pmon process for our database, in this case it’s “oracle”.

Next I change to the user oracle and determine the users primary group. As this group will be used for the installation. In this example it’s “oinstall”.

I’ll be posting another part to this, as the installation is merely the first step. Once installed you have to do some configuration from the Simpana console. i.e. create the oracle instance etc.

Commvault documentation covering the install above can be found here.

Simpana 10 Local uninstall of Simpana services on Linux

Demo of a Simpana 10 Local uninstall of Simpana services on Linux.

Note that I select the option only to remove the software/services on the client and not update the commserve about this removal. As I want to keep the backup history of my client in the commserve. This will enable me to reinstall the software with the same details on this client to continue my backups.

MediaAgent Installation on Linux – Simpana 10

Needed to install the Simpana 10 MediaAgent onto a Linux client in my test environment and I thought it might be a good idea to record and share.

The install is an interactive one using the media (DVD3).

As you can see in the video my freshly installed client still had it’s hostname associated with the localhost entry in the hosts file. The installer detects this and recommends you fix it. So I did.

In addition, I also fixed up the services file entries for 8400 and 8402. Installer will see these and not allow you to pick those ports during the install, so since I know this condition was going to happen next I edit these files too. That condition is going to be resolved in a future service pack, so you won’t need to do that.


Ram Upgrade

Was finding that I really needed to buy more ram, it was on the plan of things to buy, but had to bring it forward.

Picked up a 16Gb kit of G.Skill RipjawsX as i have 2 x 8GB kit’s of them already in my other machine and they run nicely. Since my i3 3225 only has 2 ram slots I needed to buy a 16Gb kit. Better to buy now before ram prices keep going up.


Still thinking of Bindi

It’s only been a few days and yet I can still find myself thinking about Bindi.

It’s incredibly hard to explain the situation, however I am sure most people can relate who have had to do it will understand what I mean when I talk about the statement below, which the bit I keep trying to process and I guess forget to a degree.

The bit that keeps going through my mind is my dog going from this lively thing to this lifeless body of blood and bone. That in itself is the hardest thing. While she was lively, she was still sick, but what I mean is alive and responsive to your voice, not to mention things around her.

This is certainly going to take some time to process, and I know it’s just part of grieving and mourning a loss.


Telstra Bon Jovi pre-sale failure

I was hoping to get some Bon Jovi tickets via the Telstra pre-sale, however the BangTango site to which you get them through was unavailable and returning http failures all morning. When I finally got on, I am unable to reserve tickets and get stuck in a loop.

I consider this site unavailable for the entire morning as a big failure on Telstra’s part.

Intel Ivy i3 3225

I recently bought an Intel Ivy i3 3225 processor, along with a few other items. Will expand on the other items towards the end of the post.

The reason for the purchase is I wished to build another machine for some lighter duties, as I had been using my nearly 2 year old Intel Sandy i5 2400 for such work, however since it’s primary role is for gaming, it tends to generate a bit of heat. It does after all have a GTX670 video card in it.

I did want to get one of the new low power processors, but the i3 3225 came up for a good price. Glad I purchased it as the machine when built is operating nicely, the processor with the on-board Intel HD 4000 video does everything I need.

Purchased items;

  • Asus P8H77-I Mini-ITX mainboard
  • Corsair CMPSU-430CXv3 (430W power supply)
  • Liteon IHAS124 DVD burner (cause optical drives are still handy to have)
  • BitFenix Prodigy Mini-ITX case (in Fire Red)
  • Microsoft Windows 7 64bit Home Premium


Farewell Bindi

Today my wife and I had to say farewell to one of our two dogs. Below is a picture of Bindi from lastnight, as always she would be laying on the floor in the home office while I would be doing what it was I had to do. She would always do that, even from when she was a pup.

Bindi was a very loyal friend and would do everything you would tell her. She was a great dog, and will be missed a great deal. She lived a good life and we got to spend 11.5 years with her.

Farewell Bindi, you’ll be forever in our hearts and in our thoughts always. Buddy will miss you and I am sure he will not forget you either, you’ll both meet up with each other again in the future.

Bindi - 10th May 2013
Bindi – 10th May 2013


(12th May 2013): I should add that the issue was a toe tumor. To my surprise based on some recent research this seems to be very common. Something I wasn’t even aware of at the time. Bindi lost her nail several months back, could of been even longer. I do not remember when, just remember it happening and thought nothing of it. But I do believe this nail coming out was probably the linked item to the whole saga. I also remember her limp from time to time, I would check her foot for something caught and find nothing. She would again walk normal. I believe this condition was also related to the tumor in her toe too. Events that I didn’t link until now.

MySQL backup via Simpana fails with Error Code 87:15

So you’ve just deployed the Simpana MySQL iDA and attempt your first backup, however get an error per below;

Error Code: [87:15]

Description: MySQL Database: [~client~] Data Backup Failed with MySQL Error: [~mysqldump: Got error: 1227: Access denied; you need the RELOAD privilege for this operation when doing refresh ~].

This failure is talking about the MySQL user that you configured in the GUI for the MySQL iDA. Basically the account lacks “RELOAD” privilege, so you should go fix it up before trying again.

Simpana 10 – SAP for Oracle backup failure

Came across an Simpana 10 SAP for Oracle iDA condition where the job would fail per below;

Error Code: [18:45]
Description: Snap Initialization failed with an error: [Backup Index Initialization failed. Please check the logs.]
Source: clientname, Process: backint_oracle

If you look into the $SAPDATA_HOMEsapbackup directory for the detail file associated with the failed backup you should also see something like below;

Rel 10.0.0(BUILD116) - CS=<commserve> CC=<clientname> retCode=1 bUpgradeFlag=208 upgradeTo9oTime=0
Got Mangled MediaAgent=<*ma*8400*8402> from Archive Manager
creating BCD dir=</opt/simpana/iDataAgent/jobResults/2/115/417/> failed with retCode=<-1>

BR0280I BRBACKUP time stamp: 2013-04-30 14.52.41
BR0279E Return code from '/sapmnt/OBK/exe/uc/rs6000_64/backint -u OBK -f backup -i /oracle/OBK/sapbackup/.belcejum.lst -t file -p /oracle/OBK/112_64/dbs/initOBK.utl -c': 2

This failure is indicative of a permissions error. i.e. Simpana installation path and/or jobResults  (if been placed outside of the Simpana installation path) have permissions that restrict the SAP user from writing. Since the SAP for Oracle backups are ran via a Unix SAP user account.