Month: July 2012

Purchase a 2nd Apple TV (version 3)

Been wishing to purchase another Apple TV, as we tend to have all our media in iTunes, so this makes things really easy. Had been moving another unit between rooms, so bought another one to stop us having to do that.

Our other unit is a Apple TV (version 2) unit.


Have recently signed up for Quickflix via a trial period. So far really enjoying it, so much so I will be continuing the subscription.

Will post tonight the movies I have seen and if I recommend them to be watched by others. So you will see a few more posts from me about the movies I have been watching.

Mountain Lion

Installed Mountain Lion for a look on weekend. Certainly different.

Didn’t use it long enough to draw any sort of opinion just yet, so will keep playing around. The first thing I do remember seeing was the way files are now displayed during file copy process using Finder was good. I quite liked this so far.

Back to Macintosh

I’ve been wanting to buy another Macintosh for a while, ever since I sold the Mac Mini I had earlier in the year.

Plan was to go back to the iMac, however considering how old the current model is, it’s clearly due for update. But who knows when?

Decided to let my wife get a new machine this year, so I ended up buying a 2nd hand iMac instead, this will do what I need it to do. Already got Lion on it and all the other items, still a bit of applications to be installed and data to be sorted out. It’s not going to happen overnight, but I will get it all done over time.

Going to be good to have a single place where the two iPad’s can sync too.

Chicken Pox

Unfortunately both kids have got Chicken Pox, not the best thing to happen. Especially since the youngest wasn’t even old enough to get 18 month needles, thus he has it more so than the oldest son.

Goes to show that immunisation is a good idea, since the oldest son hardly has much of an outbreak of it, where as the youngest is covered. Poor little guy.