Excellent resource for open source sounds

In my youth I ran a BBS, and I had a shareware cd that contained thousands of samples of different things. Quotes from movies, sounds of various things. Thought it was great, however must of lost it a long time ago.

Meanwhile, looks like a site was set up to make such things available to the general public under an open source license.

Check out FreeSound, as posted by Cool Tools website (which is where I seen it posted).

Open Media Vault USB boot corruption

Looks like the Open Media Vault appliance I had running via the HP N40L Microserver had some issues.

I left it overnight to copy 400+Gb of files and woke to find it had failed half way. Host was up, but networking wasn’t working quite so well. Rebooted and immediately saw the root file system failed to mount and caused the usual panic.

I suspect the USB key I had the OS installed on has corrupted. Which means my data should be okay, although hasn’t impressed me much.

Think I will go back to my Debian install and just do everything via it. So it’s not an appliance, but at least I know it will work day in and day out when ran from the hard drive.


SSD acquired

I’ve been tempted to purchase an SSD for my home desktop system for sometime. This is the same system I use to run a number of virtual machines and for playing battlefield3.

Got the SSD on Monday. Purchased a Corsair 120Gb Series 3 and reinstalled Windows. The time it takes for Windows to boot to logon screen is only about 12 or so seconds.

Below is how my Windows Index scores changed, and I knew this change for my boot drive would bring the score up quite a lot. So knew it was worth a purchase.

Game play via BF3 seems better too, although only early days. I need more time to play some more. I installed BF3 onto the SSD too, and have installed VMware Workstation to a 7200rpm traditional internal drive.