BURP is not bad

I installed BURP and had a bit of play with backing up and was impressed. I’d really love to see this BURP server/client binaries available on say my Synology NAS. Think it could be very good addition.

I started to cross compile it and ran into issue each time. As I resolved one, something else came up.

I found that a fellow who has built Transmission and a number of other packages for Synology NAS units has released a build environment, and I have started to use that. However still having issues. At this stage I will put this project/playing around on hold for a few weeks, but will go back to tackle it again. As it would be good to have the BURP server running on say the Synlogy NAS (DS109+) in my case, but could also be compiled for other models with the correct tool chains etc.

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