Back from Holidays in Victoria, Australia

Just got back from holidays. We spent a week in Victoria, actually Rosebud to be exact.

Had a wonderful time, will post pictures in the next few days, need to sort out a large number of tasks around the house. Namely wash the car, clean it inside. Will also need to mow the lawn and get a few other things done first.

It’s good to be home and have some decent internet connectivity again. Certainly do miss the ability to do the odd reading of news feeds etc.

WordPress Hack

It would appear a plugin has been exploited, not sure which, but it’s the only way I think the theme could be exploited. Theme has some undisplayed text, which when indexed by google becomes associated with your site.

Normal visitors do not see it, but Google Indexing picks it up and displays.

I have just had a chance to see what’s changed, and will disable plugins which I suspect. Reverse the theme changes and monitor for a few days.

EDIT: Looks like its the WordPress Database Backup (v7.9.1) plugin by Jason Jones, that causes the hidden text to be displayed in pages. I disable it and the hidden text goes away. Suspect it’s what was exploited.

If I google the string it puts into pages, looks like a large amount of hosts have been comprised due to it.

New MTB for the wife

Got a new MTB for the wife. She opted to get the men’s model, as she wasn’t too keen on the women’s model and/or it’s colour choices.

It’s a medium sized one and rides rather nicely if I do say so myself. All we need to do now is to make a bracket to allow the mounting of the trailer we have for our kids, which I am going to adapt to use my own Giant MTB I already own. Just need to make a visit to the hardware shop for some items and we will attempt to make something up.

BURP is not bad

I installed BURP and had a bit of play with backing up and was impressed. I’d really love to see this BURP server/client binaries available on say my Synology NAS. Think it could be very good addition.

I started to cross compile it and ran into issue each time. As I resolved one, something else came up.

I found that a fellow who has built Transmission and a number of other packages for Synology NAS units has released a build environment, and I have started to use that. However still having issues. At this stage I will put this project/playing around on hold for a few weeks, but will go back to tackle it again. As it would be good to have the BURP server running on say the Synlogy NAS (DS109+) in my case, but could also be compiled for other models with the correct tool chains etc.