OMG Ubuntu 11.10 and Unity

What on earth was Ubuntu thinking when it introduced Unity. I dislike it a lot. Infact I heard today they dropped the development team working on Kubuntu too. What on earth is going on.

One thought on “OMG Ubuntu 11.10 and Unity”

  1. The development team was one guy. KDE has always had majority control of Kubuntu. There is no paid development for Xubuntu, Edubuntu, Lubuntu or Ubuntu Studio. This means that Kubuntu is in the same position, it is a community distro. That is a good thing.

    As for Unity, it is getting better and will grow on you. It already is winning back users who have at long last figured out that change is inevitable. Users have choice. They can use any one of a growing number of DEs or distros. But, you cannot hold back progress nor control where it goes.

    I have used Kubuntu for 6 years and KDE since I started using Linux with Mandrake. I do not expect any change other than an adjustment to the repositories to reflect Kubuntu’s lesser status. It will be moved to universe apparently, but will still be available.

    The lone developer did not lose his job. He was re-assigned within Canonical, something that companies do all of the time. It has been no secret that KDE was ill-favoured by Canonical from the start, although I do not know why.

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