Month: February 2012


Finally got around to putting XBMC back on my ATV2 unit. Some of the plugins available are great. i.e. ABC iView etc. Not to mention MythBox and a few others.

Just so I dont forget some things the next time I am going to jot them down.

Configuration files at /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/XBMC/userdata, namely sources.xml showing a sample smb(cifs) share.

<default pathversion=”1″></default>
<name>tv shows</name>
<path pathversion=”1″>smb://username:password@192.168.n.n/video/tv/</path>


While reading my rss feeds, I saw someone mentioned BURP – Backup and Restore Program for linux.

I am going to make the time to check it out, as it to run in phases similar to what CommVault Simpana does. i.e. Scan Phase and Data Phase.

LPI Level 2 Exam 201 passed

I sat my LPI Level 2 Exam 201 today and passed.  Now all I need to do is tackle Exam 202 and I will get my LPIC-2 certification.

It’s certainly on the agenda to complete, will start reading the next few chapters. Might try and complete it prior to holidays. See what happens. Got a lot on at the moment with work.

OMG Ubuntu 11.10 and Unity

What on earth was Ubuntu thinking when it introduced Unity. I dislike it a lot. Infact I heard today they dropped the development team working on Kubuntu too. What on earth is going on.

NetworkManager on CentOS 6.2

Seems NetworkManager is driving everyone bonkers still and not just me. I did a GUI install and disabled the use of NetworkManager yet the stupid thing still seems to blow away my resolv.conf and better still not populated it even though I have things defined in ifcfg-eth0.


See here. I’ve experienced these exact same issues as the folks posting on the thread. I remember having this issue back on CentOS 6.0, guess it’s still not fixed.