Witness to a pedestrian being hit by a car

I happened to be outside the office and happened to look at the traffic when the lights changed. As I walk across the intersection each and every day. I had just got to work 15mins earlier.

Unfortunately a car failed to give way to pedestrian light and managed to knock over a single pedestrian as they walked across the intersection.

It all happened so quickly, I just saw the car move off the light and thought they would stop, but they must of failed to see them for whatever reason and immediately I knew this was going to be an impact. The female walking wouldn’t of even seen it coming as it happened from behind. This happened on the corner of Pitt St and Bridge St, Sydney at ~8:05am.

Immediately called an ambulance to get assistance, and some other people (including driver) assisted the pedestrian. Help arrived pretty quickly, and it was nice that a Sydney bus driver who had time available blocked oncoming traffic lane until Police arrived.

I really hope the person is alright, as I wouldn’t want that to happen to anyone. Gave my details to attending officer and went back to work. I can still picture it in my mind as it happened.

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