When it rains, it pours

Probably not the best start to the new year. Turns out my Mac Mini is having some serious memory issues, looks like I have a problem dimm socket. Opened it up to see if things had been seated correctly, appears the lower dimm socket on side clip is not right. Guess I got a dud, might explain the issues I have been having. Booked into Sydney Apple Store for Tuesday 9:30am.

And to top it off, if you run hdhomerun unit and don’t get any video out of Windows 7 Media Center from your tuners, it’s the latest nvidia drivers to blame. Attempted to go a beta set, and when start having lots of panic issues. Rolled back, and still had the same issues on the versions I use to run.

So set about reinstalling Windows 7. Lucky I have a extra drive in the system, means I can rebuild onto it, and not blow away old system drive until all copied/setup on new install.

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