Router issues sorted

After playing around with the Billion 7800NL I managed to sort out something that solved my problem.

It appears the default setup doesn’t include any sort of QoS, so I played around and managed to create some rules which see to be performing what they should.

It wasn’t running out of connections, it seems to have just been starved of bandwidth at various times. Post those QoS rules being done, it’s now been stable for over 5 days. So that’s made me quite happy.

Internet Routers

It would appear our household really hammers the router, in fact so badly it doesn’t seem to cope after a few days.

I’ve got an old Pentium 4 here, so after running up pfsense on it for a 2nd time, it seems to handle things so much better. Plan is to use this machine for the next 6 or so months, while I continue to eye off a lovely ALIX 2-3 unit to take over from it. It’s just a matter of time before I buy one, as pfsense certainly seems to handle things nicely. I guess future purchases will be smart switch again to make use of the VLAN tagging (which will go nicely with our Ubiquiti UniFi Access Point too).

Will post picture of the ALIX 2-3 and other details when I do actually purchase one, it’s just a matter of timing on my part.

What a week

Been a busy week, and I am sure next week wont be no different.

Got Mac Mini back from Apple, and they replaced the logic board. In addition my 8gb of ram I ordered back in late November arrived from OWC, so I’ve since installed it in the Mac Mini. It hasn’t crashed or kernel panic since doing so. Guess the logic board might of been the cause of all the problems.

I said to my wife I wasn’t going to buy anything and well that lasted all of about 3 days, what can I say. Got a email from epowermac. Turns out they had some clearance stuff being sold. I browsed and found they had a Synology DS-109+ for $128 delivered (minus drive). Upon further research determined my 2Tb drive was on compatible list. Although this unit is discounted it has more ram than the model that replaced it. So purchased it. Was too good to pass up.

Also, the LPIC-2 book I purchased arrived. So now I have something to read over and revise. Although a friend mentioned that this Sybex LPIC-2 book I got is crap. He probably is correct too, as I saw an electronic copy which read oddly too. Oh well it’s a handy reference for the train trip (since I dont seem to get much chance to use the iPad). LPIC-2 Exam 201 target approx 5-6 weeks time.

Witness to a pedestrian being hit by a car

I happened to be outside the office and happened to look at the traffic when the lights changed. As I walk across the intersection each and every day. I had just got to work 15mins earlier.

Unfortunately a car failed to give way to pedestrian light and managed to knock over a single pedestrian as they walked across the intersection.

It all happened so quickly, I just saw the car move off the light and thought they would stop, but they must of failed to see them for whatever reason and immediately I knew this was going to be an impact. The female walking wouldn’t of even seen it coming as it happened from behind. This happened on the corner of Pitt St and Bridge St, Sydney at ~8:05am.

Immediately called an ambulance to get assistance, and some other people (including driver) assisted the pedestrian. Help arrived pretty quickly, and it was nice that a Sydney bus driver who had time available blocked oncoming traffic lane until Police arrived.

I really hope the person is alright, as I wouldn’t want that to happen to anyone. Gave my details to attending officer and went back to work. I can still picture it in my mind as it happened.

Decoding TiVo files as downloaded from TiVo series 3

I’ve always been meaning to determine how one can decrypt the *.tivo files as saved out from the TiVo units by the TiVo Desktop application.

Turns out it wasn’t as hard as I thought, just took some research. Found an application called tivodecode, but the binary I found I couldn’t get to work. But I eventually came across the page here. Which linked to a java application called kmttg, which is a good app to use instead of the TiVo Desktop one. However, the tools zip file they provide has the tivodecode binary that works on my Windows 7 x86 host.

When it rains, it pours

Probably not the best start to the new year. Turns out my Mac Mini is having some serious memory issues, looks like I have a problem dimm socket. Opened it up to see if things had been seated correctly, appears the lower dimm socket on side clip is not right. Guess I got a dud, might explain the issues I have been having. Booked into Sydney Apple Store for Tuesday 9:30am.

And to top it off, if you run hdhomerun unit and don’t get any video out of Windows 7 Media Center from your tuners, it’s the latest nvidia drivers to blame. Attempted to go a beta set, and when start having lots of panic issues. Rolled back, and still had the same issues on the versions I use to run.

So set about reinstalling Windows 7. Lucky I have a extra drive in the system, means I can rebuild onto it, and not blow away old system drive until all copied/setup on new install.