Converting Kogan PVR ts files into mpeg streams on Mac OSX

If you own a Kogan TV which has the PVR feature built in, did you know you can take those recordings and convert them into mpeg streams and/or other formats post removing of adverts on Mac OSX.

Software Required:

You’ve already recorded the program on your Kogan TV using the PVR feature. Now take the external drive used to record on and connect to the Macintosh. Copy the *.TS file from the media and place somewhere. I like to create a folder. Once copied, you can eject the media from the Macintosh.

ProjectX is now used to demux the *.TS (transport stream) file and this will produce some additional files. The two important ones are *.mp* and *.mp*.

Using MPEG Streamclip open the *.mpv file, now you can cut out the adverts and anything else, so your only got the program you want minus all the extra stuff. Use save as to save out the finished product. This will save out a *.mpeg file which can now be used to convert into other formats as required with other tools. i.e. ffmpegx etc.

2 thoughts on “Converting Kogan PVR ts files into mpeg streams on Mac OSX”

  1. Awesome! I have tried iSkySoft video converter, M2TS converter, exporting in Quicktime 10.1; it all was hopeless. All of them screwed up the video/audio sync. I had to resync it in Final Cut by cutting corrupt GOPs and sliding the video stream back and forth until the sync with audio was back in order. It was a time consuming nightmare! Project X made the files MPEG Streamclip compatible, though I don’t know why MPEG Streamclip doesn’t support the original .ts files to begin with.

    Thanks for this great solution!

  2. Glad to share. Know the in’s and out’s of video conversion. So I wasn’t surprised that the method I describe works without much fuss. Same method works on the files downloaded from an old Topfield 5000 PVR too. (which I sold a while back since it was no longer used).

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