HP Proliant N40L

I know am a little behind, but I too am considering the purchase of a HP Prolian Microserver. Considering a N40L, which is the replacement to the N36L. With 4 x 2Tb drives, I figure it would make a good storage unit.

Will see how things pan out for a new year purchase, will wait for drives to drop in price again before these get purchased I think.


  • Scott November 13, 2011 Reply

    Just note the only thing different between the N36L and N40L is the CPU (i believe).

    Max HDD space and RAM are the same as the N36L


  • michaelf November 13, 2011 Reply Author

    Yes, that’s what I read too. I don’t think you can get the N36L, as they all got sold out when they got so discounted. Unfortunately I didn’t have the money or need to buy one at the time. However, have since determined I need something and one of these would suit. Will pick up one in the new year.

  • mark tomlinson November 26, 2011 Reply

    N40L $250 tonite

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