Month: October 2011

Thinking about getting an SSD after all.

My birthday is around the corner, and I am out of ideas on what to get, but the first thing to spring to mind is an SSD. So considering the purchase of a Corsair Series 3 2.5″ 120Gb SSD. As found at the link here.

If you have an opinion, and/or recommendation. Drop me a comment. Thanks

Purchased another 8Gb of ram

With the price of ram still dropping, I thought it was a good time to buy another 8Gb kit. So I did. My i5 2400 now has 16Gb of ram total.

System seems to boot quicker just by adding the additional memory thus far.

Next purchase, think an SSD.

New mouse purchased

I bought myself a Razer DeathAdder gaming mouse a while back and was waiting on it arriving. It arrived while I was on holidays.

Just plugged it in today and must say I am quite impressed. The tracking is so fast and the settings that can be changed using the Razer software is awesome.

Be interesting to see how I cope with it’s use in Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 (when it comes out in the next few days).

The packaging it came in was quite nice for a mouse, in fact the best packaging I have seen for a mouse ever. Highly recommend it at this stage.

Firmware upgrade on motherboard renders Windows 7 boot with BSOD

I upgraded my motherboard firmware, and thought nothing of it. Turns out I should of been more concerned. Windows 7 now won’t boot and produces a blue screen of death (BSOD). Followed by the automatic reboot.

Oh well, been wanting to reinstall the Intel i5 system now for a few weeks on the account of some USB audio headset issues. So if the reinstall doesn’t resolve that fault, I will render the USB audio headset to the bin, and buy a new one.

Guess I got a bit of work ahead of me this week each evening. Glad I got a 2nd drive in the system, currently reinstalling onto it, and will pull the little data I had on the old system drive. Anything else needed is already on the 2Tb data drive in the system, which is not affected by the reinstall anyways.

Move over screen, we have a new player in town

As long as I have used Linux, I have been a huge fan of GNU/Screen. Although it appears we now have a new player in town.

Let me introduce Tmux, highly recommend if you haven’t checked it out, do so.

I too just happened to stumble across a post by another blogger, at the link here which introduced this as an alternative. Had I not seen the post, I wouldn’t know it even existed.

Holidays – Quad bikes

Today we booked a quad bike ride on the Stockton sand dunes. Was great thing to do, it’s something we always try to do when up this way.

Actually it’s something we do on any trip. Always look for a tour that includes quad bikes.

Was a small group, only 4 of us. So made for a good tour. Will post a pic once I have access to laptop as I am posting from an iPad currently.

Holidays – Port Stephens

Currently taking a weeks break in Port Stephens. Enjoying it so far. It’s good to have a break away from work and all the other struggles of every day life. Gives you a chance to unwind.

Will make the most of it.. back to work next week.

Proposed exams

When I complete the LPI Level 1 and Level 2 certs, I am looking at obtaining a credit against one of the OEL exams to pickup the Oracle Linux Administrator Certified Associate. Followed by Solaris 11, which I noticed will have beta exams available in 2012. Guess I got a lot of reading to do.

Very productive weekend

The weekend was very productive, we got a delivery of soil and bark which needed to be dealt with. So we got this done, unfortunately it rained post doing the soil, so this made it very difficult once it got week. But we did get it done before the next down pour.

If I wasn’t already sore from doing the work above, opted to go for a cycle with my neighbor which ended up being about 18km in total. Got swooped by 1 magpie, but he never made contact. So I was pleased about that.

Also preformed some revision on the LPI exam I have for tomorrow morning.

Ice cream slice

My wife says she doesn’t like cooking, however experiments from time to time. Yesterday she made a Ice Cream slice which was quite nice and easy to make. Will take a photo of the finished product, assuming we don’t eat them all too quickly.

The recipe can be found here.

Photo below;