Password Safe

I’ve been using password safes now for a while, however I still hadn’t find the right product to work across the multiple platforms. i.e. I need something to work on a mac, pc, ipad and andriod based phone.

I’ve always been a big fan of KeePass, however just as of today I have gone back to using the simple Password Safe windows application. As I found that a neat iPad product pwSafe exists to read it’s files. In addition, the someone has made an andriod application too. Now I cant have the file available on all platforms. pwSafe can be upgraded for $1.99 to use Dropbox to grab the file and sync etc.

EDIT: The only compatible KeePass app I could find on iTunes was an old app that didn’t look great on the iPad. This was a factor moving away from KeePass format too.

1Tb drive install into Mac Mini

I am very tempted to pull my Mac Mini apart and install a 1Tb drive internally. The drive it shipped with is not big enough, and I am sick of having an external USB one connected.

Will give it a bit more consideration and possibly give it a go. I am not at all worried about doing it, as I was (long time ago) previously certified to work on Apple Portable and Desktop systems.

Will post more details if I end up doing it and what I thought about the whole process.

LPI Certification

I had hoped on doing the LPI certifications, however never got around to it in 2011 thus far. I can be forgiven though as I do have a good reason for not hitting these early on. I got a new job back in March, so have had to focus on that.

Work will always have something new to learn, and I have managed to get the five possible CommVault certifications provided by CommVault, so that’s a good achievement for 2011 in itself.

In any case, I am going to start on LPI after all. First up LPI 101, followed by 102. Of course followed by 201 and 202. If I can get these four done in the next 6-8 months I think I will be happy. At which point I want to finish off my Microsoft Enterprise Administrator MCITP cert. Would be handy to have that in my pocket just as stocking filler.

Order Billion 7800NL today, arrived in afternoon

Ordered the router early on today and as always ijk delivered it in the afternoon. Got to love same day deliveries.

Hooked it up and so far very impressed. Will give it a good workout tomorrow night (and/or Friday night).

Billion, I am so glad you supply a narrow power supply. This means we dont need to waste an extra power plug. I think all devices should be like this. So kudos for doing this on the routers power supply.

New router

Need a new router for home. Going to purchase a Billion 7800NL, so I hope this one doesn’t have issues with my line. I want something stable and that will handle a bit of connections. Seems it has a 8,000 connection NAT table.

Soon see, will order tomorrow and test it out later in week.


Battlefield 3 – pre-ordered

Finally got around to pre-ordering a copy of Battlefield 3. Purchased from ozgameshop. Which means it will take a few days to arrive post launch, but I’d sooner have a copy of the media, rather than download it.

Looking forward to playing this game. Still enjoying the Battlefield Bad Company 2, although I think I need a better mouse with more buttons. As I miss out on some knife kills time to time in game.

Kids are wonderful

Kids are wonderful and certainly change your life, not to mention priorities. However I can’t imagine how it feels to have one taken from you at birth, so I must say my heart goes out to Andrew Pollock, wife and family for your loss 4 years ago.

Some days my son can be a pain, but that is soon forget when he does something cheeky. But it certainly pushes your buttons in those bad times, although I don’t think I would change it for the world, as I am sure he is going to bring us a lot more smiles, not to mention his young brother who is only a few months old.