CommVault Certified Engineer

And today I took an attempt at the CommVault Certified Engineer exam and passed. So I am now CommVault Certified Engineer.

I only need to complete one more which is the CommVault Certified Support exam, which I will do very shortly. At which point I have completed the set of 3 I needed to do.



  • ifan August 9, 2011 Reply

    Could you let me know how you prepare commvault eng cert?
    any online doc for cert preparations?


    • michaelf August 21, 2011 Reply Author

      Experience with the product is probably the best start.. Attending the training would be an advantage too, so that you get the material associated with the exam. Do you currently have experience with the product?

  • Arun Wadhwa September 28, 2011 Reply

    I am working on Commvault rite now. I have attended training sponspered by company and preparing for certification of simpana. But the problem that I am facing rite now is certification exam include simpana 9.0 also but we are working on simpana8.0 . Could you guide me about how to achieve expertise

    • michaelf October 1, 2011 Reply Author

      What do you mean your working on Simpana 8.0? I dont understand..

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