Oh so close

Attempted the CommVault Specialist exams available in the last 2 days and unfortunately failed to pass by 1-2 questions between the two of them. Oh well guess I need to do some serious review.

I ended up doing one of them without having done the course and/or seen the material. So based it purely on my experience of the product for the last 2+ months, which I thought was not bad considering I failed to pass by only 2 questions.

Anyways, I will hit them again soon, once I have done some more revision.

Looking forward

Have come to realise that you need to always be looking forward, even if it’s just 2-3 steps. If you do this and set goals you can do anything.

Looking back it’s hard to believe some of the goals I set back in early 2010 happened. It still seems a bit unreal, however here I am over a year later with those goals achieved. It all started with the completion of the Microsoft Vista exam and finished with the last exam for the MCITP: Virtualization Administrator 2008 R2.

Having just completed the certification exams for work, I have a sudden interest to attempt a few more things. I still wish to do the RHCE, and might have to wait until I can get work to commit too it. I’ll review this again later in the year, and may go at it on my own if you can do the exam still without the training course attendance. In the meantime will be booking and attempting some LPI1 certification track. Will book the first of the 2 exams to complete it shortly.

Stay tuned..


CommVault Certified Support

Completed my CommVault Certified Support certification exam today. Decided to take a stab at it and passed easily enough.

This concludes the 3 core certifications. Will now start to revise the 2 specialist ones and attempt these soonish.

Hope to start doing some RHCE revision, as I am borrowing the course book from a friend who recently went on the course.