Month: May 2011

CommVault Certified Administrator

Okay passed my CommVault Certified Administrator exam today. Happy to have it completed.

Now I want to revised the Support and Engineer material, might give these a go in the next few months. Might as well make the most of the material available internally and opportunities that present.


Expecting a new baby.

Having said much about this on the blog, but my wife and I are expecting our second child.

It’s due 21st June, although we suspect it may come earlier. Guess we will soon see just how early.

Will post some pictures and announcements after it all happens.

Not walking yet? Don’t be too concerned.

I noticed Andrew Pollock posted the following here. As a fellow parent, I can tell you not to worry too much about the fact at 12 months your child might not be walking. All you can do is talk to the medical people and ensure nothing is wrong. At the end of the day it will just happen.

My son Darwyn, didn’t walk until he was 21 months. It was only after we had him to a specialist to do a final check, and from that visit/appointment onwards after walking back and forth a few times he never stopped.

Prior to that visit, he would do the usual hold something and walk around, and even walk between 2 people if prompted. But I guess he just wasn’t ready.

Of course, we now can’t get him to stop. Not that I am complaining.